November 2, 2003

November 2, 2003

  • Occupation of Iraq: In the heaviest single loss for the coalition troops since cessation of the military campaign in Iraq two US Chinook helicopters are fired on by two surface-to-air missiles and one crashes near Fallujah and on its way to Baghdad airport; 16 soldiers are killed and 20 wounded. A blast damages an oil pipeline near Kirkuk, north of Baghdad.
  • War on Terrorism: The New York Times reports that militant Muslim recruits are "streaming into Iraq" and answering the call of Osama bin Laden and other extremists. These individuals are joining the fight against the coalition's occupation in Iraq, state counterterrorism officials. Intelligence officials (in six countries) have detected an estimate of hundreds of militant young Muslims from various countries headed for Iraq (primarily by crossing the Syrian or Iranian borders).
  • The Yukos crisis continues, and Dmitry Medvedev, the new Chief of Staff of the Russian president, warns of risks to the economy. Following his appointment, the siloviks continue to dominate Putin's administration in a larger degree than in the Yeltsin and Gorbachev years.
  • In the United Kingdom, Tony Blair faces a formal complaint that has been made to the International Criminal Court about the prosecution of the Iraq War.
  • In Hawaii, a shark bites the arm off a 13 year-old girl surfing at Kauai, the fourth such amputation in Hawaiian waters in 20 years.
  • In the Sudan, Locusts cause breathing difficulties and some deaths in Sudan.
  • Former brokers of Prudential Securities are to be charged in Massachusetts as part of a widening investigation into abuses at mutual funds.

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