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A noseclip (often referred to as a "nose clip") is a small bent piece of wire covered in rubber worn by some swimmers (primarily synchronized swimmers). It is designed to clasp the nostrils closed to prevent water from getting in or air from escaping during activities such as synchronized swimming. Some types of noseclips also feature a long band to keep the clip around the neck while it is not being used.

The noseclip is a vital piece of equipment for synchronised swimmers and is worn during training and competition. Although synchronised swimmers are not permitted to wear goggles during competition, the noseclip is allowed at all levels.

Noseclips are also sold on the black market, commonly used illegally in the process of smoking illegal substances as a tool to allow the criminal to require lesser amounts of lung power when inhailing the smoke of the narcotics, amd also aid the drug addict in retaining the smoke or vapors in his/her lungs with greater ease, as the fumes will not leak out of the nostrils when the noseclip is in use. Some thinly veiled noseclip aparatii are sold at some questionable sporting goods outlets under the guise of swimming accessories. The noseclip devices generally do not require any proper identification to purchase, and pose a great risk because the sales of such paraphenalia are not generally prohibited to minors.

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