Norges Unge Venstre

International Federation of Liberal Youth

The International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) is an international liberal youth organization. It consists of a global membership of national youth organizations. These are often but not exclusively affiliated with political parties that are members of Liberal International.

IFLRY continues the tradition of two predecessors. The first was the World Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth (WFLRY), founded in 1947. WFLRY was also a global organization but most members were active in Europe. This led in 1969 to the separate forming of the European Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth (EFLRY). WFLRY was dissolved in 1978, and EFLRY renamed itself IFLRY, the International Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth. In 2001 the organization was renamed into IFLRY - International Federation of Liberal Youth.

Full members status is held to the European Youth Forum (YFJ) which operates within the Council of Europe and European Union areas and works closely with both these bodies.

Currently the presidency of IFLRY is held by Paola Silva of UCJD-Colombia. The rest of the Bureau includes Bart Woord JD Netherlands, Secretary General, Chris Gallaway YDA USA, Treasurer, and four vice-presidents: Jan Argy Tolentino from KALIPI Philippines, Jelena Spasovic of Serbia, Frederik Ferié from JULIS Germany, and Anihassata Camara from FAL Cote d'Ivoire.


IFLRY's highest body is the General Assembly, which meets at least every second year. It adopts IFLRY's political platform, the Manifesto, and decides about IFLRY's activities. These are stated in a two-year Programme of Action. The General Assembly also decides o­n the federation's policies by adopting resolutions. Furthermore the General Assembly elects the Bureau and decides upon the budget.

The Executive Committee is composed of o­ne representative from each member organisation and the Bureau. It meets twice a year and takes all policy decisions within the framework of the General Assembly's resolutions.

The IFLRY Bureau consists of a President, a Secretary General, a Treasurer and four Vice-Presidents. The Bureau has the responsibility for IFLRY's day to day management and is elected every two years. The IFLRY Bureau appoints an Executive Director who runs the IFLRY secretariat in London.

Member organizations

Organization Country Status
Azerbaijan Liberal Youth Association 2Candidate member
Centre Party Students (Keskustan Opiskelijaliitto, KOL) 1Full member
Centre Party Youth (Suomen Keskustanuoret, FCY) 1Full member
Centre Party Youth (Centerpartiets ungdomsförbund, CUF) 1Full member
Circulo Liberal 2Candidate member
Civic Youth Alliance 1Full member
Civil Forum (Gramadyanski Forum) 1Full member
Coalicion Juvenil Martiana 3Observer
Croatian People's Party Youth (Mladi Hrvatske Narodne Stranke, CPPY) 1Full member
Democratic Alliance Youth 2Candidate member
DPP-Youth 3Observer
Estonian Centre Party Youth (Eesti Keskerakonna Noortekogu, YAECP) 1Full member
Federation of Liberal Students (Federation des Etudiants Liberaux, FEL) 2Full member
Federazione dei Giovani Liberali (FdGLI) 1Full member
Femme Actuelle Liberale 2Candidate member
Ghanese Liberal Student Association 2Candidate member
Gibraltar Liberal Youth (GLY) 1Full member
Independence Youth Union 3Observer
Institute for Democracy and Leadership 2Candidate member
JuLis Austria 1Full member
Juventud Liberal Radical Auténtica 1Full member
Juventud Liberal de Honduras 1Full member
Juventud Libertaria 2Candidate member
Kabataang Liberal ng Pilipinas 1Full member
Klubs LC 2Candidate member
1Full member
Liberal Center Youth 1Full member
Liberal Democrat Youth and Students (LDYS) 1Full member
Liberal Democratic Youth of Macedonia (Liberalno-Demokratska Mladina Macedonia, LiDeM) 1Full member
Liberal Flemish Student League (Liberaal Vlaams Studentenverbond, LVSV) 1Full member
Liberal Social Movement (Movimento Liberal Social, MLS) 3Observer
Liberal Student Clubs (Cluburile Studentesti Liberale) 1Full member
Liberal Students Association (Bundesverband Liberaler Hochschulgruppen, LHG) 1Full member
Liberal Youth Assembly of the National Movement of Simeon the Second (LYA) 1Full member
Liberal Youth Association 2Candidate member
Liberal Youth of Sweden (Liberala ungdomsförbundet, LUF) 1Full member
Liberal Youth of the XXI Century (Juventudes Liberales del Siglo XXI, JJLL) 1Full member
Liberalet e Rinj te Kosoves 1Full member
Lithuanian Liberal Youth (Lietuvos Liberalus Jaunimas, LLJ) 1Full member
Mladejko dvijeni za prav i svobodi (YMRF) 1Full member
Mladi Liberali 2Candidate member
National Liberal Youth (Tineretul National Liberal, TNL) 1Full member
New Generation 1Full member
Norwegian Liberal Studentsd (Norges Liberale Studentforbun, NLSF) 1Full member
PFL Jovem 1Full member
Political Institute for Freedom (Instituto Politico para la Libertad) 2Candidate member
Radical Democratic Youth Federation (RDYF) 1Full member
Radical Youth of 1994 (Radikal Ungdom af 1994, RU) 1Full member
Rassemblement des Jeunes 1Full member
Rina Liberal Demokrate 1Full member
Samband Ungra Framsøknarmanna 1Full member
Shinui 1Full member
South African Liberal Students' Association 1Full member
Swedish Youth (Svensk Ungdom, SU) 1Full member
Taiwan Youth Democratic Union 2Candidate member
Unión Colombiana de Jóvenes Demócratas 1Full member
Union des Jeunesses Travaillistes et Libérales 1Full member
Venstres Ungdom 1Full member
Yabloko Youth 3Observer
Young Australian Democrats 3Observer
Young Centre (Stowarzyszenie Mlode Centrum, MC) 1Full member
Young Democrats (Jonge Democraten, JD) 1Full member
Young Democrats of America (YDA) 1Full member
Young Democrats of Singapore 1Full member
Young Liberal Democrats (Mladi Liberalna Demokracija, MLD) 1Full member
Young Liberals (Junge Liberale, JuLis) 1Full member
Young Liberals of Andorra (Joventut Liberal d'Andorra, LDRS) 2Candidate member
Young Liberals of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mladi Liberali Bosne i Hercegovine, MLBiH) 1Full member
Young Liberals of Canada 1Full member
Young Liberals of Norway (Norges Unge Venstre, NUV) 1Full member
Young Liberals of Serbia 1Full member
Young MR (Jeunes MR) 2Candidate member
Young Nationalists of Catalonia (Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya, JNC) 1Full member
Young Progressive Democrats (YPDs) 2Candidate member
Young Radicals of the Left (Jeunes Radicaux de Gauche, JRG) 1Full member
Young Republicans 2Candidate member
Young Liberals (Switzerland) (Jungfreisinnige Schweiz, JFS) 1Full member
Young VLD (Jong VLD) 1Full member
Youth Initiative 1Full member
Youth Organisation Freedom and Democracy (Jongeren Organisatie Vrijheid en Democratie, JOVD) 1Full member

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