Nordic combined

Nordic combined at the 2002 Winter Olympics

2002 Winter Olympic Games Nordic combined


February 9 2002
Medal Athlete Time
Gold Samppa Lajunen (FIN) 39:11.7
Silver Jaakko Tallus (FIN) 39:36.4
Bronze Felix Gottwald (AUT) 40:06.5
4 Ronny Ackermann (GER) 40:27.8
5 Björn Kircheisen (GER) 40:55.9
6 Mario Stecher (AUT) 41:30.8
7 Todd Lodwick (USA) 41:39.4
8 Kristian Hammer (NOR) 41:40.8
Tallus was the surprise leader after the ski jump, but Lajunen beat him in the skiing.


February 14 2002
Medal Team Time
Gold Finland (Jari Mantila, Hannu Manninen, Jaakko Tallus, Samppa Lajunen) 48:42.2
Silver Germany (Björn Kircheisen, Georg Hettich, Marcel Höhlig, Ronny Ackermann) 48:49.7
Bronze Austria (Christoph Bieler, Michael Gruber, Mario Stecher, Felix Gottwald) 48:53.2
4 United States (Bill Demong, Johnny Spillane, Matt Dayton, Todd Lodwick) 49:54.1
5 Norway (Kristian Hammer, Sverre Rotevatn, Jan Rune Grave, Lars Andreas Østvik) 51:22.1
6 France (Nicolas Bal, Ludovic Roux, Frédéric Baud, Kevin Arnould) 51:35.5
7 Switzerland (Jan Schmid, Ivan Rieder, Andreas Hurschler, Ronny Heer) 52:07.9
8 Japan (Satoshi Mori, Kenji Ogiwara, Daito Takahashi, Gen Tomii). 52:26.5
Finland has a huge lead after the ski jumping, and does not lose it. Germany comes from fifth place to edge Austria for the silver medal.


Medal Athlete Time
Gold Samppa Lajunen (FIN) 16:40.1
Silver Ronny Ackermann (GER) 16:49.1
Bronze Felix Gottwald (AUT) 17:20.3

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