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Noordkaap was a belgian rock band band with Stijn Meuris as singer. They had some big hits like "Ik hou van u" and "Satelliet Suzy"


  • Stijn Meuris (singer)
  • Lars Van Bambost (guitar)
  • Eric Sterckx (bass)
  • Wim De Wilde (keyboard)
  • Nico Van Calster (drums)
  • Mario Goossens
  • Anton Janssens
  • Wladimir Geels
  • Alain Thijs
  • Stefan Vanduffel


In 1990 Stijn Meuris, Lars Van Bambost, Eric Sterckx, Wim De Wilde, Nico Van Calster founded Noordkaap and won "Humo's Rock Rally" that same year.

Their cover of Will Tura's "Arme Joe" got a lot of attention and they were offered a record deal. By the end of 1991 they released their debut album "Feest in de stad". In 1994, under a new record label, they released "Gigant".

A year later Noordkaap made the soundtrack for the movie "Manneken Pis" and reached a broader audience. The single "Ik hou van u" was in the charts for many weeks. In honor of Belgium's 175 year anniversary in 2005, it was re-released in a blend of French and Dutch.

After releasing the soundtrack for "Alles moet weg" in 1996, it got quiet. Several bandmembers left and only Stijn Meuris and Lars Van Bambost remained. When Mario Goossens, Anton Janssens and Wladimir Geels joined, Noordkaap was back and released "Massis" in 1999.

On April 1st, 2000 they gave their last concert in "AB" in Brussels. Lars Van Bambost joined Novastar and Stijn Meuris started a new band called Monza.


  • Feest in de stad, 1991
  • Een heel klein beetje oorlog..., 1993
  • Gigant, 1994
  • Manneken Pis, 1995, soundtrack
  • Programma '96, 1996
  • Alles moet weg, 1996, soundtrack
  • Massis, 1999
  • Avanti!, 1999

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