nomico (のみこ) is a Japanese musician and voice actor. She is well-known for doing vocals for LOOPCUBE. nomico's most well-known song is "恋してる空" (Koi Shiteru Sora). She has sung her own versions of "Shichaimashou" for "Renkin 3-kyū Magical ? Pokān"



Drama CDs

  • MOON CHILDe(水原まゆ)
  • 錬金3級 まじかる?ぽか~ん(ケイミィ、ジュン)

Notable Songs

  • 想い出ダイアリー:"hollyhock"
  • 俺フェチ ~いちごちゃん気をつけて!:"フェチ☆オーレッ!"
  • 片神名~喪われた因果律~:"晴天の虹"(コーラス)
  • くじびき♥アンバランス: "LOVE! YES☆NO ~はてしない愛で"
  • Haru no Ashioto: "Spiral Spring"
  • Hime-sama Goyōjin: Original Soundtrack: "美少女戦士キューピーマミー"
  • Renkin 3-kyū Magical ? Pokān
    • Ending: "Shichaimashou devoted"(しちゃいましょう devoted)
    • Shichaimashou predator" (しちゃいましょう predator)
    • "Shichaimashou (しちゃいましょう sensuous)
    • "Shichaimashou suggestive" (しちゃいましょう suggestive)
    • "Shichaimashou invisible" (しちゃいましょう invisible)
  • Moetan Ending: "Skip!" (スキップ!)
  • ね~PON?×らいPON!
    • Opening: "Onna no ko FANTASY"(女の子ファンタジー)
    • Ending: "Yume iro hana bi"(夢色花火)
  • Alstroemeria Records Touhou Project arrangements:
    • The Garnet Star: "Maple Wizen"
    • Lovelight: "Bad Apple!!"
    • Harmony:
      • "Alice Maestera"
      • "Suwa Foughten Field"
    • Dolls:
      • "Dreaming"
      • "Infinite Being"
      • "The Last Judgement (Tsukasa Bootleg Remix)"
      • "Bad Apple!! (Graph Tech Mix)"



  • nomico is the older sister of electronica artist Kaya, the former vocalist of Schwarz Stein. They are close and she helped out at his concerts before.

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