Nolwenn Korbell

Nolwenn Korbell

Nolwenn Korbell is a singer from Brittany. She was born into a Breton speaking family and has recorded not only in Breton but also in French, English and Welsh, balancing both traditional and modern music. Before becoming a musician she studied drama at the Conservatoire d'Art Dramatique in Rennes and trained as an actress. She was also a former TV and radio presenter. Nolwenn spent much of the 1990s in Wales where she was a member of the Welsh folk-rock group Bob Delyn a'r Ebillion.

Her mother, Andrea ar Gouilh, is also a singer, and her father, Herve Korbell, is a musician.


  • 'N'eo ket echu'', 2003, Coop Breizh
  • Ur wech e vo
  • Padal
  • Ma c'hemenerez
  • Glav
  • Y byd newydd
  • Son ar plac'h n'he doa netra
  • Luskell ma mab
  • A-dreuz kleuz ha moger
  • Deuit ganin-me
  • Sant ma fardon
  • Bemdez c'houloù, 2006, Coop Breizh
  • Bemdez choulou
  • Termaji
  • Dal
  • Valsenn trefin
  • News from town for my love who stayed home
  • Yannig ha mai
  • Pardon an dreinded
  • Dafydd y Garreg Wen
  • Un petit navire d'Espagne
  • Olole
  • Red (with guitarist Soig Sibéril), 2007, Coop Breizh
  • Bugale Breizh
  • Valsenn trefrin
  • Billy
  • Sant ma fardon
  • Gourin
  • Padal
  • Anna
  • Bemdez choulou
  • Daoulamm ruz
  • Kanaouenn Katell
  • Turn! Turn! Turn!
  • Yannig ha mai
  • Glav
  • News from town for my love who stayed home

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