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Noah's Ark Waterpark

Noah's Ark (officially Noah's Ark Family Park Inc.) is America's largest water park, with 46 water slides and dozens of other various attractions. Located in the city of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin (the "Water Park Capital of the World," with 18 indoor water parks), Noah's Ark is a popular tourist attraction. Some of the more popular attractions include "Time Warp," "Point of No Return," "Dark Voyage," and "Flash Flood." Also popular are the wave pools; "The Big Kahuna" and "The Wave" are popular spots to use as "home bases" as they are close to food, lockers, restrooms, etc. Also, Noah's Ark's TV and radio advertisements have won many awards. The Travel Channel hailed Noah's Ark as "the place for water in the Midwest."


In 1979, the Waterman family purchased of frontage property on U.S. Highway 12 in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and created a bumper boat ride and built a go-kart track. In 1994, the Gantz family of Dubuque, Iowa, purchased Noah’s Ark and added the “OctoExplorer,” a yellow submarine with moving periscope, water guns and soft-surfaced waterslides. In 2003, Noah’s Ark Waterpark celebrated 25 years of operation. The park opened “Noah’s Incredible Adventure,” The park uses over 5 million gallons of water on its rides. Its lifeguards earned the Platinum Award from Jeff Ellis and Associates Inc. (2006) This is the highest waterpark safety rating possible.



  • Jungle Rapids (1980) – Oldest slides; opened with three slides and added two more in 1981
  • The Plunge (1984) – Two speedslides
  • Slidewinder (1985) – Twisting bodyslides
  • The Bermuda Triangle (1988) – Three tube slides
  • Bahama Falls (1989) – Three tube slides that empty into Adventure River
  • Congo Bongo (1991) – Family raft ride
  • Kowabunga (1993) – Family raft speed slides
  • Black Thunder (1995) – Two-person or single tube slides in the dark
  • Dark Voyage (1997) – Family raft ride in the dark
  • Point Of No Return (2001) – Two 10-story-tall speedslides that take riders three to five seconds to descend
  • Sting Ray (2002) – Two large halfpipes
  • Black Anaconda (2005) – Billed as the longest watercoaster in the United States at over long
  • Time Warp (2006) – Billed as the world's largest bowl ride

Wave pools

  • The Wave (1987) – Wave pool
  • Big Kahuna (1989) – Large wave pool, once was the largest wave pool in Wisconsin Dells, but has been beaten by Mt. Olympus's Surf Pool

Lazy rivers

  • Endless River (1985) – Simple lazy river
  • Adventure River (1989) – Lazy river

Other attractions

  • Bumper Boats (1979)–First attraction built at Noah's Ark
  • Miniature Golf (1980)–18 holes.
  • Paradise Lagoon (1984) – An activity pool featuring slides and ziplines
  • OctoExplorer (1994) – Children's play area
  • Flash Flood (1999) – One 20-passenger boat that descends a drop into a large pool; includes bridge observation area which gets hit by the subsequent wall of water created from the drop
  • Noah's Incredible Adventure (2003) – High-capacity amusement ride
  • Noah's 4-D Dive-In Theater (2007) – Midwest's Largest 4-D Theater featuring the movie SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D
  • Tadpole Bay Kiddie Kingdom (2008) – Children's play area featuring Noah's Ark theme, 4 kiddie waterslides, over 50 water features, and an 800 gallon bucket dump.

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