No Ennui

No Ennui

No Ennui is Mrs. Fun's third album, from 1995. It was produced by Victor DeLorenzo, and recorded by Michael Hoffman at Joe's Recording Studio, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Like all of their albums produced through 1998, it was self-released. The music is a bass-heavy, groove-based free jazz.

The record features guest artists k. d. lang, singing background vocals on "Daughtera" (which was dedicated to Sun Ra), and Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, singing background vocals on "Gossip".

Track listing

  1. "Love You Loud" (DeLorenzo/Connie Grauer, Kim Zick)
  2. "Daughtera" (Grauer)
  3. "Lulu's Walk" (Grauer)
  4. "Why Are Words So Different" (Foyne Mahaffey/Grauer)
  5. "Trinity" (Kathryn Korniloff/Zick)
  6. "Opportunity Lane" (DeLorenzo/Grauer)
  7. "Black Box" (Grauer)
  8. "Epistrophy" (Thelonius Monk/Kenny Clarke)
  9. "Ennui" (Mahaffey)
  10. "Gossip" (DeLorenzo, Grauer, Zick, Jim Eannelli)


  • Connie Grauer - keyboards, vocals, chimes, accordion, glockenspiel, toy piano
  • Kim Zick - drums, percussion, vocals,
  • Michael Hoffman - guitar
  • Allen Johnson - trumpet
  • Jeff Pietrangelo - trumpet
  • Dave Matsen - tenor saxophone
  • Juli Wood - baritone saxophone
  • Malcolm Michiles - scratching
  • Robyn Pluer - vocal (spoken word)
  • Eric Segnitz - violin
  • Paul Gmeinder - cello
  • Foyne Mahaffey - castanets
  • k. d. lang, Dayna Kurtz, Paula Cabor, Micki Korb, Claire Morkin, Paul Cebar, Paul Scher, Wesley Savick, Rob Gjersoe, Emily Saliers, Amy Ray - background vocals
  • Victor DeLorenzo - producer
  • Michael Hoffman - engineer
  • Tamar Zick - cover art

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