Nixon Moreno

Nixon Moreno

Nixon Moreno is a Venezuelan student, leader of the M-13 group, who studied in Los Andes University (ULA) and was former president of the Student Federation. He has been accused of an attempt to rape a local police woman, Sofía Aguilar, and leaving several policemen wounded, -during a repression of a student protest in 2006, led by Nixon, against a Court decision that suspended the election of the Student Federation . Venezuelan justice has been looking for Moreno since then. In March 13, 2007, he asked for asylum in the Apostolic Nunciature (Holy See) to avoid capture . Later, in mid 2007, Nixon's M-13 group won the election of the Student Federation with a landslide. In 2008, Nixon's supporters again amply won the election with 12,462 votes against 4,366 votes obtained by Chávez's followers (El Nacional - 7 March 2008). Nixon Moreno graduated as a politician in November 12, 2007 after about 12 years of studying in the ULA; the graduation ceremony was performed in the Apostolic Nunciature.

Political points of views

Due to Venezuela's high political polarization, Moreno is seen as a victim of political pursuit and a hero for Chávez's opponents, and a criminal for others. The government opponents claim he is being pursued mainly because of his fervent activities against the government. Authorities claim he is pursued because he is accused of attempting to rape Sofía Aguilar, the victim and police officer, who identified Nixon Moreno as the attacker, a fact that she declared for the state media (Venezolana de Television) . According to journalist Marta Colomina (who openly opposes Chávez's regime), in June, 2006, a National Assembly commission, presided by Deputy Obdulio Camacho (all the National Assembly deputies were elected as Chávez partisans), reportedly concluded that it was untrue that Nixon was the person that tried to rape her . ULA President, other authorities and TV footage indicate that at the hour of the events denounced by police woman Aguilar, Nixon was in a clinic, at another end of the city, treating a bleeding face wound caused by a plastic shot (which Ms Aguilar did not mention).


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