Niobium-germanium (Nb3Ge) is a metallic chemical compound of niobium (Nb) and Germanium (Ge). It has A15 phase structure.

It is a superconductor with a critical temperature of 23.2 kelvins (K).

Spluttered films have been reported to have an upper critical field of 37 Tesla at 4.2 K.


Nb3Ge was discovered to be a superconductor in 1971 and for 15 years (until the discovery in 1986 of the cuprate superconductors) it held the record as having the highest critical temperature .

It has not been as widely used for superconductive applications as niobium-tin or niobium-titanium.

Related alloys

Niobium-germanium-aluminium has an upper critical field of about 10 Tesla.


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