Nilotes, people of E Africa who speak Nilotic languages. Among these are the Nuer and the Masai. The most prominent Nilotic ethnic groups live in S Sudan, N Uganda, and N Kenya. Originally from E Sudan, they migrated south centuries ago. Farmers and herders, they became primarily pastoralists in their new lands. The Nilotes are noted for their tall stature. Some Nilotic peoples, such as the Masai, are dedicated to their traditional life and have resisted intrusions by European culture.
plural Nilotes

Any member of a cluster of east-central African peoples living in southern Sudan, northern Uganda, and western Kenya. The name refers to the region of the Upper Nile and its tributaries, where most of them live. Nilotic languages belong to the Eastern Sudanic group of the Nilo-Saharan family. A notable shared physical characteristic is their average height, men commonly reaching 7 ft (210 cm). The Acholi, Dinka, Luo, Masai, Nandi, Nuer, and Shilluk are classed as Nilotes. Altogether they number about seven million.

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