Nightwind is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Her first appearance was in Generation X #53.

Fictional character biography

Nightwind trained as a ninja, and learned to use her mutant power over Darkforce to shape a sword which she could use to kill or stun her opponents. She became a member of the Rising Sons with Dragonwing, Spoilsport, Jet-Black, the Sign and Tough Love. The Rising Suns were hired to protect a man named Noy, who had in his possession a sword that was used to kill Adrienne Frost's husband.

Adrienne wanted the sword for herself and sent the mercenary Paladin to get it, but the Rising Sons fought him off and left him for dead. Paladin returned alongside Generation X members Jubilee, Skin, Chamber, Synch and Husk.

This led to a confrontation with Generation X where Nightwind ambushed Chamber and almost killed him by knocking him out of an apartment window. She then jumped out of the window herself and boarded a train with Noy on it. When the Generation X members made their way onto the train and split up it was Synch and Skin who found her first. If not for Synch's ability to sense mutagenic auras they might have been killed, but Synch copied her powers to battle her. Although Synch was able to copy her powers he was unable to copy her skill and she proved herself to be the superior fighter to Synch. Before she was able to finish her battle Skin used his abilities to suffocate her until she passed out.

When the mentally ill Scarlet Witch depowered over 90% of the world's mutant population on M-Day, Nightwind was among the many who lost her powers. This fact was confirmed in New Avengers #18.

Powers and abilities

Nightwind is a mutant with the ability to generate a sword made of darkforce. This sword can be used to damage targets physically or mentally as she chooses.


  • Generation X #53-54
  • New Avengers #18 (shown on screen)

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