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Niggerhead may refer to:

  • The British term for a black iron post for mooring ships, made from an old cannon partially buried muzzle upward, with a slightly oversize black cannonball covering the hole, was "niggerhead".
  • Sailors formerly called an isolated coral head a niggerhead. They are notorious as navigation hazards.
  • The niggerhead cactus which is native to Arizona
  • The colloquial name for echinacea, or coneflower, is, variously, "Kansas niggerhead" or "wild niggerhead".
  • The "niggerhead termite" is native to Australia.
  • Among some American stone masons a "niggherhead" is a large smoothly rounded stone
  • Old U.S. Navy term for a small winch, a capstan .
  • Carex secta, a tussock grass from swamps in New Zealand.
  • Nigger Head is an island in North Queensland, Australia.
  • In Lebanese Arabic, a chocolate confection with marshmallow exterior.

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