This page is for a kind of hard candy produced in South Africa. For the Swedish pastry sometimes called negerboll, see Chokladboll.
Niggerballs is a colloquial and former brand name for a popular variety of gobstopper (a form of confectionery known as a "jawbreaker" in the United States) produced in South Africa during the twentieth century by specialist hard candy and confectionery producers such as Poirette, Crystal Confectionery, Chapelat, and the Transvaal Confectionery Company of Johannesburg.

The distinctive features of these sweets are:

  • Their large size - a diameter of 2cm (slightly under 1") is common
  • Hard black coating
  • Liquorice or aniseed flavour
  • Often multi-coloured layers

The word gained universal cultural currency in the region in the early 1960s through its use in the chorus of the hugely popular comic song Ag Pleez Deddy by the South African folk singer Jeremy Taylor.

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