Nicetius of Lyon

Nicetius of Lyon

Saint Nicetius (Nicetus, Nicet or Nizier) (513 – April 2, 573) was Archbishop of Lyon, then Lugdunum, France, during the 6th century. He served from 552 or 553. He was ordained as a priest by Agricola, Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne. He was the nephew of Saint Sacerdos, bishop of Lyon, and his successor. He revived ecclesiastical chant in his diocese.

He was also noted for being an exorcist. Nicetius received the title of patriarch from the pope. He took it upon himself to judge secular as well as ecclesiastical cases and therefore came into conflict with the local count. Nicetius attended a council at his own city of Lyon some time between 567 and 570.

His feast day is April 2 the day on which he died. The church of Saint-Nizier in Lyon is dedicated to him. Miracles were attributed to him after his death. There is an early life of Nicetius and Gregory of Tours also wrote a supplementary life to him in his Vita Patrum.

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