Nic Burke

Nic Burke

Nick Burke is an associate member of the veteran British synthpop group The Human League.

Since 2001 Burke has been The Human League's resident multi-instrumentalist both in the studio and on tour. He is a familiar face of many gigs over the years since 2001.

He is notable for his long electric guitar solos on tracks such as Together in Electric Dreams and The Lebanon. He is an equally skilled keyboard player but generally prefers to use a Keytar on stage. Often he provides incidental vocals, and takes the role formerly filled by Jo Callis on tracks such as (Keep Feeling) Fascination. He is by far the youngest member of The Human League.

Other current projects include electro punk-funk band The Lords Of Flatbush with Steve Edwards and Phil Jones, and acoustic blues country combo Double No No. He has recently contributed to tracks on a new album by I Monster. Burke's previous projects have included live and studio work with Kings Have Long Arms, Hiem (along with Rob Barton) and The Ivories


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