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Next Wave International is a London-based company and network which is training companies, major community organizations and charities to engage the future and move society forward in a positive direction.

The organization was first set up in Melbourne, Australia in 1993, to run an annual conference for community leaders. Offices were then added in Copenhagen, Denmark and London. The group was founded by author, speaker and broadcaster Mal Fletcher, who was also involved in pioneering Youth Alive Australia.

Next Wave International has strong links with the evangelical wing of the Christian church in Europe and describes its work as 'faith-based', though not exclusive to the church.

The group is behind the Euro Youth Events network, which has run ongoing, city-wide, alcohol-free youth concerts in eight European capitals. First launched in 1996, a number of these events are still running and building bridges between troubled youth and community help organizations.

Next Wave International also sponsors the Strategic Leadership Consultation an annual think-tank summit equipping European community leaders for future change . This event began in 1998 and has brought together over 200 leaders of significant European charities, for discussions on how to move European societies forward in a positive direction.

The organization is involved in producing programs for TV, radio and the new media. The magazine documentary series Edges with Mal Fletcher is one example. Next Wave International has been offering online streams of its full programming since 1998, and was one of the first non-profit companies in northern Europe to do so.

Through events such as MasterClass, the organization has worked to raise the level of leadership skills among community organizations and to strengthen links between civic leadership and community service groups so that both are better equipped to add value to people's future.

The Next Wave Online website is a source of training resources, largely reflecting an evangelical Christian view of society, and news on what the organization is doing in Europe.

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