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In United Kingdom politics, the New Politics Network (NPN) was an independent political and campaigning think tank, concerned specifically with issues relating to democratic renewal and popular participation in politics.


The NPN was established in 2000 following the winding up of Democratic Left, the legal successor organisation to the former Communist Party of Great Britain. Its first director was Nina Temple. The NPN worked with a wide range of groups and individuals to provide a forum to look at emerging ideas in society. Its stated goal was to provide an independent and innovative debate on the future of politics. It organised during the 2001 General Election, although it was not involved with the 2005 campaign of the same name.


While it was predicted by Nick Cohen in the New Statesman in 1999 that NPN would merger with Charter 88. Nina Temple, among others attempted to steer the organisation back towards its democratic socialist roots at the 2003 AGM. If this had been successful, the organisation may well have ended up as part of the Compass (think tank) pressure group.

In November 2007 the NPN merged with Charter 88 to form a new campaigning group, Unlock Democracy. The contribution of NPN to this merger was substantially financial, due to the dire situation in which Charter 88 had found itself. the NPN strapline "connecting people and politics" was however, retained.

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