New Church

New Church

New Church: see New Jerusalem, Church of the.
The Lords of the New Church were an American post-punk supergroup with a line-up consisting of four musicians from prominent 1970s punk bands. The band reformed with two of its original members in 2003.


Formed in 1982, the band featured punk pioneers Stiv Bators (The Dead Boys) and Brian James (The Damned), with Dave Tregunna (Sham 69) and Nicky Turner (The Barracudas).

The band recorded three studio albums and one live album in their career together before Bators ended the band onstage after a concert on May 2, 1989, at the London Astoria.

Affectionately called simply "The Lords" by their most devoted fans, the band's image blurred the lines of batcave rockers and glam punks such as Hanoi Rocks. (vocalist Michael Monroe actually guested on one of the Lords albums using the saxophone). Todd Rundgren collaborated with them on "Live for Today", producing and playing synth, a track featured on Is Nothing Sacred. Their music was darker and more melodic than traditional punk. Chris Jones, in his BBC review of the double compilation album Lords Prayer 1 , sums up the band thus "... the band existed in an alternative universe. Here leather, lace and Jack Daniels combined to mean more than just Goth posturing. It was a dangerously sexy carnival where Aleister Crowley's old catchphrase "Do What Thou Wilt" was never more apt."

Bators died after being struck by a car in Paris in 1990, but in 2003 original band members Brian James and Dave Tregunna reformed the band recording a 10-song album Hang On and touring Europe with "LustKillers" frontman/guitarist Adam Becvare.

Original Members

  • Stiv Bators - vocals
  • Brian James - guitar
  • Dave Tregunna - bass, backing vocals
  • Nicky Turner - drums, backing vocals


Studio albums

  • The Lords of the New Church (1982)
  • Is Nothing Sacred? (1983)
  • The Method to Our Madness (1984)
  • Psycho Sex (EP) (1987)

Live albums

  • Live at the Spit (1988)

Compilation albums

  • Killer Lords (1985)
  • The Anthology (2000) France only
  • The Lord's Prayer I (2002)
  • The Lord's Prayer II (2003)

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