Network Access Device

Network Access Device

A Network Access Device (or NAD) is an electronic circuit that automatically connects a user to a preferred network.

Within the telecommunication industry, a NAD will be connected to a user's telephone. When the user dials a number, the NAD will 'listen' to the dialled digits and reroute the call through a network that will provide the best rates for the destination of the call. The NAD is often referred to as a dialler, predictive dialler or least cost routing dialler.

When used in broadband a NAD (Network Access Device) is a term to describe all the subscriber equipment required to make a connection to a wide area network (WAN) from a local area network (LAN). The NAD normally includes a router, modem and a monitored power supply. Most NAD’s have the ability to report power failures and automatically reconnect themselves back to the network when disconnected.

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