Nettlethrone is a death metal band from Ankara, Turkey founded in 2000.


The band was founded by guitarists and long time friends Burak Tansel and Tankut Aydınliyim. The duo were heavily influenced by early Stockholm and Gothenburg death metal scenes and the obvious choice for their future sound was Swedish death metal. With the addition of Nazmi Can Dogan (Vocals) to the line-up, the band recorded a one song promo titled as Promo 2003. This promo was used for press promotions and included in compilation records. In 2004, the band enlisted Caglar Yurut (Suicide, Ominous Grief) as their session drummer and entered to Midas’in Kulakligi Studios with producers Erkan Tatoğlu (Suicide) and Cuneyt Caglayan (Ominous Grief) to record their first demo “Blueprint”. The demo was critically acclaimed by local and international press and obtained tremendous reviews. It was also a remarkable success in terms of sales, due to high demand the band had to make two different pressings and in the end it sold more than 500 copies in Turkey and several copies were distributed in international distros. After the recording period, Kaya Ozgen Yalcin joined the band as full time drummer and with the formation of a stable line up the band started playing gigs. Their raging, intense live performances garnered them a quite loyal following especially in their hometown Ankara. So far, the band shared the stage with acts like Vader, Machinemade God, Sick Terror, Suicide, Cenotaph, Pentagram (Mezarkabul), Self Torture, Dreamtone, Raven Woods and many others. After completing the songwriting process for their debut full length, the band once again entered to Midas’in Kulakligi Studios. The debut album “Dissonant Progression” was recorded and engineered by Erkan Tatoglu and Caglar Yurut and features two guest appearances by the icons of Turkish extreme metal scene, Erkan Tatoğlu (Suicide) and Mehmet Stevenson (Self Torture). The visual propaganda of the album was designed by Justin Bartlett (Gorgoroth, Sunn O))), Aura Noir, Cadaver, Intronaut, Trap Them).


Current members

  • Mustafa Yildiz - vocals
  • Burak Tansel - guitars
  • Tankut Aydinliyim - guitars (also bass on Blueprint)
  • Cem Kose - bass
  • Kaya Ozgen Yalcin - drums

Former members

  • Nazmi Can Dogan - Vocals (on first two releases)
  • Oral Akyol - Vocals (live session work, performed one gig)
  • Serhat Ozcan - Drums
  • Caglar Yurut - Drums (session work on Blueprint)
  • Ender Erisen - Bass
  • Mert Tartac - Bass


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