Neobatrachus pictus


Neobatrachus is a genus of burrowing ground frogs native to Australia. They occur in every state except Tasmania, however this genus is absent from the far north of Australia and most of Queensland. Most of the species in this genus occur in south-west Western Australia. They are often found in arid areas and burrow underground to avoid dehydration. They are typically found are temporary claypan and flooded grassland habitats. All species have a similar body shape, they are rounded and squat with large eyes and the pupils constrict vertically. The limbs are short and the hands are free from webbing while the feet are partially webbed. Males lack a vocal sac. Approximately 1000 eggs are laid in a chain in still water.


Common name Binomial name
White-footed Frog Neobatrachus albipes
Northern Burrowing Frog Neobatrachus aquilonius
Trilling Frog Neobatrachus centralis
Tawny Frog Neobatrachus fulvus
Kunapalari Frog Neobatrachus kunapalari
Humming Frog Neobatrachus pelobatoides
Painted Burrowing Frog Neobatrachus pictus
Sudell's Frog Neobatrachus sudelli
Shoemaker Frog Neobatrachus sutor
Goldfield's Bull Frog Neobatrachus wilsmorei

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