Nen River

Nen River

Nen River, also Nonni (Manchu: Non ula) is a river in Northeast China. It is 1370 kilometres (850 mi) in length, and is the longest tributary of the Songhua River in Heilongjiang province, and join it near Da'an.

Major tributaries of the Nen River are:
- Gan River (甘河)(Right)
- Namoer/Nemor River (讷谟尔河) (Left)
- Nuomin River (诺敏河 ) (Right)
- Anlun River (雅鲁河)(Right)
- Wuyuer/Nuyur River (Left)
- Chuoer River (Right)
- Taoer/Chaor River (洮儿河) (Right)
- Huolin River (霍林河)(Right)

The river is prone to flooding, as occurred most recently in 1998 and 2005.

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