Nemegtomaia ("Nemegt mother") is a genus of oviraptorid dinosaur from the late Cretaceous Period of what is now Mongolia. The type species, Nemegtomaia barsboldi, was described by Lü, Tomida, Azuma, Dong, and Lee in 2004. Lü et al. originally called the dinosaur Nemegtia, a name which was found to have already been used for an ostracod from the same formation (in the Nemegt Basin). The dinosaur was therefore renamed Nemegtomaia in 2005.

Nemegtomaia is known from relatively good remains and a notably well-preserved skull. The same authors had identified this skull in 2002, as a species of Ingenia. Despite this early misidentification, Nemegtomaia belongs to the subfamily Oviraptorinae, not Ingeniinae and may be a close relative of Citipati.


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