Nektar (beer)

Nektar beer

Nektar beer is made in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Monks of Marija Zvijezda monastery founded Banjalučka pivara for monastery's needs. These monks belonged to the Trapistian order, well known throughout the world for their monastery tradition of brewing excellence and recipes that were kept a secret for centuries. Based on this recipe and German technology applied Banjalučka pivara has commenced its brewing.

Twenty years after, when the good word was wide spread about Banjalučka pivara brewing excellence, it was registered a brewery and the mass production started.

At the time the installed capacities were 50,000 hl of beer annually. Fifty years later (after the World War II) the brewery was reconstructed and production capacity increased to 500,000 hl of beer per year.

Banjalučka pivara is entering third millennium with forces of modern technology applied in its beer production. In the period from 2000 – 2005 all phases of production process, referring to equipment and technology, have been renewed. At the beginning of year 2006 financial fund "Altima Partners LLP," that has great world wide managing experience, has become the owner of major share of Banjalučka pivara.

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