Nekhei na'atza

Nekhei Na'atza (band)

Nekhei Na'atza was an Israeli punk rock band. Nekhei Na'atza hailed from Lehavot Habashan & Dan, 2 "kibbutzim" in the Upper Galilee. Paralyzed several times by line up changes, they lasted from late 1990 until mid 1997. Broke up after the US tour with UxSxF.


Vinyl albums

  • Renounce Judaism 7" 1994
  • Hail The New Regime LP 1997


  • split cassette with Public Domain 1993
  • split cassette with Italy's Muddle 1997


Also appeared on "Parvarotti" and "Break The Cultural Curfew", as well as several compilations abroad.

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