Negativ(e)land: Live on Tour

Negativ(e)land: Live on Tour is 1997 live album, released by SST Records. They released it in retribution of Negativland dropping from the label in 1992 and restarting Seeland Records. It is a bunch of live recordings from the Escape from Noise and Helter Stupid era when they were on tour, not counting when they had to cancel the tour due to David Brom "supposedly" killing his family as a result of listening to their breakthrough album. Negativ(e)land was released without the band's consent.

Track listing

  1. "Christianity Is Stupid" - 4:20
  2. "Murder and Music" - 6:59
  3. "Escape from Noise" - 5:37
  4. "Time" - 13:49
  5. "Fourfingers" (sic) - 8:14
  6. "The Record Industry" - 13:47
  7. "Christianity Is Stupid" (pt. 2) - 13:17

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