Naval Aviation Supply Corps Badge

Naval Aviation Supply Corps insignia

The Naval Aviation Supply Corps insignia is a decoration of the United States Navy which is issued to those officers of the Navy Supply Corps who have qualified for duties as a Supply Officer in a Naval air unit and are also qualified to serve in duty assignments onboard aircraft carriers. The Aviation Supply Corps insignia is one of three supply badges issued by the U.S. Navy. The others are the Surface Warfare Supply Badge and the Submarine Supply Corps Badge.

To be issued the insignia, a service member must complete a standard qualification program which includes supply procedures of a naval aviation unit, qualifications in certain aviation related watch stations, as well as an abbreviated amount of aviation knowledge which would normally be required for flight deck personnel.

Junior supply officers, assigned to aircraft carriers, Naval Air Stations or aviation squadrons, are granted between 18-24 months to qualify for the Aviation Supply Corps insignia.

The Aviation Supply Corps insignia appears as an Naval Aviator Badge, in the center of which is positioned the Navy Supply Corps three oak leaf emblem. The insignia is also only authorized for officers, while enlisted supply personnel (such as those in the rate Storekeeper) are eligible to receive the Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist Badge.

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