Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru

Karunakara Guru

Karunakara Guru (born on September 1, 1927 at Chandiroor in Cherthala, Kerala, India) was born into a modest family. He was the son of Sri Govindan and Smt Karthyayani. His father passed away when the child was only nine months old. At a very tender age itself, He started receiving spiritual experiences . From the very early days onwards , Guru could experience the vision of a celestial appearance wearing a golden crown. It was only when that countenance spoke, Guru could utter even a single word. Hence the child did not speak freely. The internal figure with golden crown gradually disappeared by the age of nine. Only after that the child could speak fluently and be sent to the village school. Later in life, Guru recognized the vision of that celestial figure to be of Lord Sri Krishna.

The teachings of Karunakara Guru inspired many creative writers of Kerala. His immense influence inspired O. V. Vijayan to write Gurusagaram.After the publication of `Khasakhinte Ithihasam' (Saga of Khazakh), described as Vijayan's masterpiece, he went through a barren phase which ended after his first encounter with the Guru. And then followed other works like `Dharmapuranam' and `Gurusagaram,' all dedicated to Karunakara Guru. Internationally acclaimed Malayalam Film Guru was taken by Director Rajeev Anchal due to the tremendous influence of Karunakara Guru's teachings.


The Search Begins

Around this period, the senior members of the family had arranged for the remarriage of Guru's mother. The child guru had to move with His mother. But the new home was not comfortable to the child. The Boy did not feel at home and requested his school teacher to take him to an ashram, which he did. Thus He became an inmate of Advaita Ashram at Alwaye near Kochi in Kerala, which was a branch of Sivagiri Mutt, founded by Sree Narayana Guru. Guru was to spend the next 17 years at Sivagiri Mutt in Varkala and its branches in South India. In Sivagiri Mutt, Guru served in various capacities- performing pooja, cooking, looking after visitors, taking care of the madathipathi (head of the Mutt) and so on. Guru's contemporaries remember Him as an affectionate, devoted, meticulous,and conscientious boy,ever keen and caring to the well-being of the organization and the ideology for which it stood.Often Guru performed His karma ignoring His physical inconveniences.Guru reached Sivagiri 14 years after the samadhi(demise) of Sree Narayana Guru.Guru had always felt the dire need for a spiritually enlightened preceptor.

His desire to meet an enlightened master was fulfilled, when Guru was 25, when a well-wisher took Guru to a Sufi saint, Khureshi Fakir, who lived in the surroundings of the famous Beema Mosque in Thiruvananthapuram. The Fakir perceived the great spirituality inherent in Guru and was happy to receive Guru as his disciple. Under his guidance, Guru's inner life became more active. The Fakir realized the greatness of his unique disciple and mentioned it to others: "Here is a great soul".

Guru remained an inmate of Sivagiri Mutt for sometime after meeting His Guru during which period he had to face enormous difficulties of all sorts including hostilities from His colleagues and superiors. Later, Guru realized the reason for these adversities- the influence of subtle beings in different spiritual planes. Some events in Sivagiri Mutt eventually led Guru to leave Sivagiri.

After years of association, the Fakir indicated that he could guide Guru no more For further attainment Guru had to strive on his own. But Guru would get everything, Fakir said.

Accomplishment of Realization

For the next few years, he stayed in a small dwelling donated by a well-wisher, Sri. Gangadharan Mudhalali, near Sivagiri Mutt. The hill on which Guru stayed came to be called "Santhigiri". After seven years, Guru, as per the revelations from the Brahmam, moved to the present site at Pothencode in 1969. A thatched hut was built there, marking the beginning of the present Santhigiri Ashram.

Guru was to keep away from people for some time. Guru continued His prayers and meditation. Ultimately His disciples received visions from the supreme light(the spiritual radiance of the Absolute). Through these visions, the mission of Guru, the secrets of creation, the Manu (the first preceptor of human race) lineage, the Sanathana Dharma (a way of life through GURU-DISCIPLE lineage), the intricacies of Manwanthara (the period of one Manu comprising 306,720,000 years) and Chathur Yugas (quartet of yugas comprising sathya, tretha, dwapara and kali), the Great Error in the spiritual history of mankind, shortcomings of the Trinity system, the implications of Yuga Dharma (code of conduct for each of the four yugas), the evolution of the soul and the Will of Brahmam were revealed to Guru's disciples.

Of all the revelations, the one about the Great Error occurred twenty-five chathur yugas back to a great rishi in the Manu lineage, which caused deviation in the Yugadharma and the resultant pollution of human actions that lie at the root of human sorrows and sufferings, was unknown and unheard of in human spiritual history. The disciples were informed through visions that the restoration of Yugadharma and the implementation of Kali Yuga dharma through Guru-Disciple lineage according to the will of Brahmam is the real mission of Guru. Guru is the most glorious manifestation of the Supreme Self-Parabrahmam-or in other words "Gur Sakshat Parabrahmam"; He is the very embodiment of Supreme Reality, and He is the most adorable manifestation of Brahmam.

Teachings of Navajyothi Sree Karunakara Guru

Spirituality is the essence of man that transcends life, death, beliefs, customs, cultures etc. In the course of spiritual awakening and evolution, man passes through Jagrat, Swapna, Sushupti, Turiyam, Turiyateetham states (wakefulness, sleep, dream and deep sleep, etc). The soul awakened in all these states of existence discovers Prakriti or Nature and the various dimensions in the physical nature where existence continues after death. With such a realized insight, the Jnanis of yore discovered and expounded the meaning of life in its fullest condition.

There is a soul, a ‘software’ that is coming and going in life and death. This software is an accumulation of the Karma Gathy(propensity of the soul) of lakhs of births and deaths. The knowledge about the soul, its existences in the various dimensions, the inherent, inalterable laws by which it earns good and bad and evolves higher are the soul knowledge. In the Kali Yuga (According to the Manu –the first Guru- tradition of Indian spirituality, which constitutes the basis of the original stream of Indian civilization called Sanatana Dharma, the present age is Kaliyuga) man becomes fully awakened. He needs the knowledge and guidance of the Jnani to conduct his life. Simple religious observances, rituals, beliefs, traditions, convictions in historical perspective, are not suitable at all.

At Santhigiri, NAVAJYOTHISREE KARUNAKARA GURU has rediscovered this total reality and has expounded a fulfilling way of life suited to this age. The subject matter of Ashram and its spirituality are based upon the realizations and the teachings of Guru. While it may appear radical to some, it will be easily seen that the subject matter are original spirituality rediscovered. The contrast between spirituality and religion is clearly seen. While history based religious traditions give to us human beings separate identities, the spiritual outlook shows us our universal individuality.

‘GURU POOJA’- Spiritual Cleansing

There have ever been sincere efforts to bring about qualitative changes in human thinking and behavior with the objective to usher in a new human civilization. The Spiritual Visionaries and Social revolutionaries envisaged benevolent social order in which man lives in harmony with each other. But our experience has been that instead of achieving qualitative transformation, human being has slipped down to conflicting relationships with fellow beings and nature. The findings of modern genetic science that basic human nature and capabilities are genetically determined by birth - has brought about a new thinking about the reasons behind the incorrigible human nature. Once the traits of desirable and undesirable behavior and orientations find their way into the genetic order, it is impossible to eliminate them from there. The good and bad, and fortune and misfortune that we consider as the determinants of human life are thus decided at the time of birth.

One of the basic tenets of Sanatana Dharma has been that the future course of an individual’s life depends on the cumulative effects of the inherited vices and virtues that are engrained in one’s jeeva or soul. Unless and until the inherited impurities or bad effects of misdeeds in past births are not wiped out or washed away from one’s jeeva or genetic order, the future life will be influenced and guided by those negative instincts. It means a genetic cleansing is essential for giving birth to pure progenies.

Though different means have been devised and prescribed by religions and spiritual doctrines, no permanent solution has ever been there to remove impurities and cleanse the evil effects in one’s jeeva and thus make possible a noble human life. On the spiritual fulfillment in 1973, Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru got permission from Brahma Prakasham to perform ‘Guru pooja’ (Pithru Suddhi) by which the manes or ancestral souls in different zodiacs are totally purified paving way for the birth of children free of karmadosham or bad effects of previous deeds in soul.

This Atmakarma (astral performance)is performed by the designated spiritually evolved disciple on Guru’s instruction. Not only manes or pitrus are purified from the effects of bad deeds in previous births, but also the powers which these ancestors had worshipped as God while living, are also being liberated and given whatever is to be spiritually given by Guru. Guru envisions the emergence of a new human race and world order through such children born after this purification karma called Gurupooja. This cleansing karma holds out the promise and hope that a global cultural renaissance will be materialized through this emerging generation leading to peace and tranquility in the world.

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