Natural sign

Natural sign

In musical notation, a natural sign is an accidental sign used to cancel a flat or sharp from either a preceding note or the key signature. If a bar contains a double sharp or double flat accidental and the composer wishes to denote the same note with only a single sharp or flat, a natural sign traditionally precedes the (single) sharp or flat symbol. Naturals are assumed (by default) in key signatures and mentioned only in key signature changes.

In highly chromatic and atonal music, to prevent any ambiguity in performance, natural signs may be placed in front of any note that is to be neither flattened (flatted) nor sharpened (sharped).

The Unicode character MUSIC NATURAL SIGN '♮' (U+266E) should display as a natural sign.


The natural sign, blazoned as a "natural", appears as a charge in the arms of Orlando di Lasso.

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