Nass Mlah City 3

Nass Mlah City 3

Nass Mlah City 3 (English: Good City People 3) is a 2005 Algerian comedy TV series directed by Maouid Maâel and broadcasted by ENTV. It first aired in Algeria on 22 October 2005 and has since produced well over 65 episodes.


The series consists of several Algerian actors who change according to each chapter. The most important, present in most of the chapters, is the famous actress, singer and comedian Biyouna.


Country Alternate title/Translation TV Network(s) Series Premiere Weekly Schedule
Algeria Nass Mlah City 2 ENTV
Belgium Nass Mlah City 2 ATV
Egypt Nass Mlah City 2 Nile TV
France Nass Mlah City 2 France 3
Morocco Nass Mlah City 2 Morocco TV
Syrian Nass Mlah City 2 Syrian Television
Tunisia Nass Mlah City 2 Tunisia National Television
Turkish Nass Mlah City 2 Turkish TV

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