Narita-san (成田山 lit: Narita mountain) is a Shingon Buddhist temple located in central Narita city, Chiba prefecture, Japan.

This temple is one of the most well known in the Kantō region of Japan and is only surpassed in visitors during the O-shogatsu period (lit: New year period) by the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. The temple grounds are composed of a main gate, a steep stairwell and the main buildings (including a couple five-story pagodas), and a garden area with large pond. A very small zoo is also within the temple grounds.

The mail hall is a buddhist worship area. The interior is based on Indian buddhist design but has a distinct Japanese impression. Throughout the day visitors come to sit and to pray aloud.


Travelers leaving Japan via Narita International Airport commonly stop by to visit. The temple is within 10 minutes walking from either the JR Narita Station or the Keisei Narita Station and both paths offer many small shops selling Japanese snacks and other foodstuffs and also Japanese good-luck charms such as Daruma dolls.

Special Events

New Years: Narita-san sees over 2 million visitors during the first three days of the near year. People from all across the Kanto area come to pray at the temple.

April: Narita-san hosts the Kanto region's largest taiko festival. Hundreds of taiko drummers take to the streets on the second day of the festival along Omote Sando street.

The 2007 festival dates have been set for April 14th and 15th. For 2008 the festival is set for April 12th and 13th.

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