Nanshiungosaurus is a genus of therizinosaurian dinosaur, and like other members of that clade, the animals of this genus probably possessed large claws, but since nothing of the skull, tail, ribs or limbs have been found, analysis has focused solely on the vertebrae and pelvis. The genus contains two species, both found in Late Cretaceous-age rocks in China.


  • N. brevispinus is from the Yuanpu Formation, and the characteristics of this species were a shorter but thicker neck than other coelurosaurs. The discovery included eleven cervical, ten dorsal and five sacral vertebrae, and a bulky pelvis. It was first thought to be a small, strange sauropod.
  • N. bohlini is from the Xinminbao Group. Only eleven cervical and five dorsal vertebrae were found, and they are unique in that they contain fused cervical ribs and dorsal pleurocoels, which N. brevispinus lacks. It might warrant its own genus.

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