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Nanchong () is a prefecture-level city in the north-east of Sichuan Province of the People's Republic of China, with an area of 12,479 kilometers and a population of 7,300,000. It is the second most populated city and one of the 8 largest cities of Sichuan Province. The administrative center is Shunqing district, which is linked to Chengdu, the provincial capital, by the Chengnan Highway and to another prefecture-level city Guang'an by the Nanguang Highway. The Highway to the provincial-level municipality of Chongqing is under construction now.


Nanchong was in the territory of the state of Ba before its conquest by the Qin dynasty in 314 BC. The Qin set up a government at Langzhong city. Anhan city was established in Shunqinq district at the beginning of the Han Dynasty.

The name of Anhan city was changed to Guozhou (fruit city) in 621 AD (Tang dynasty), and then to Nanchong in 742 AD.



Nanchong is located in the north-east of Sichuan Province. To the east of Nanchong is Dazhou, to the west are Mianyang and Suining and to the north is Guangyuan.

The vast majority of the city consists of hills. The woodland coverage is 25%. Erosion in the area is serious.

The Jialing river, a Yangtze tributary, crosses Nanchong from north to south, and there are another 30 rivers with a drainage basin of more than 30 sq kilometers.


The Dacheng Railway, which links Chengdu, the provincial capital, and Dazhou, traverses Nanchong. Another rail line, which is under construction now, will link Lanzhou in Gansu Province and Chongqing city. Passengers from Nanchong can go to Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Dazhou and Wanzhou. The 318 and 212 national highways cross Nanchong.

The Nanchong Gaoping Airport provides air services, with flights to Beijing and Guangzhou.

The Jialing river can be used for transport, but its capacity is limited.

Higher Education

There are 4 universities in Nanchong.



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