Namdalseid is a municipality in the county of Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. It borders to Flatanger, Roan and Osen to the west, Namsos to the north, Åfjord and Verran to the southwest and Steinkjer to the south.

Namdalseid was established as a municipality 1 January, 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt), but is was merged with Beitstad 1 January, 1846. It was separated from Beitstad (again) 1 January, 1904, and celebrated its centennial in 2004.

Being mainly an agricultural municipality, Namdalseid is struggling with a decline in population, as fewer and fewer people find they can make a living growing crops and raising cattle. Other areas of interest for business are fishing, hunting and nature. Having one of the best small-salmon (grisle) rivers in Nord-Trøndelag, Namdalseid is a haven for fly fishing and attracts many fishermen every year. In addition to fishing many visit Namdalseid to experience the beautiful mountain scenery and enjoy a spot of hunting.

Namdalseid also has some industry. Hundseth Mølle is one of the largest mills in Norway, Namdal Plast AS is a factory manufacturing fiberglass products and Pelsberederiet AS is a manufacturer of furs from moose, deer and other wild animals.


The Norse form of the name was just Eið (or Eldueið). The name is identical with the word eið n 'path/road between to waters' (here Beitstadfjord and Namdalsfjord). The Vikings used to drag boats across Namdalseid using the rivers and waterways in the area, to get from one fjord to another without having to risk crossing the treacherous Folla-sea by travelling up the sheltered Trondheimsfjorden and continuing north along the coast. The passage was much easier in olden times as the sea level was higher and the waterways more numerous, but as recently as 2004 a boatdrag was done to commemorate the old traditions. Nowadays, however, one has to transport the boats by road for a fairly long stretch.

The first element Namdals- was added around 1550. It is the genitive case of the old region name Namdalen.


The coat-of-arms is from 1989. The clovers represent the agriculture of the municipality.

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