Namata, Larissa

Namata (Larissa), Greece

For a village in the Kozani prefecture, see Namata, Kozani
Prefecture: Larissa
Province: Larissa
Municipality: Platykampos
Number of subdivisions: 2
Population: (2001)
-Village-Municipal district
Percent of the municipality


southern part
510 m
northeastern part
Postal code: GR-402 00
Car designation: PI

Namata (Greek: Νάματα) is a village in the Larissa Prefecture, Greece. It also serves the seat of the municipality of Olympos Its 2001 population was 142 for the village and the municipal district. Namata is located NNW of Volos and east of Larissa. Namata is connected with the road linking with Platykampos and the GR-6 (Larissa - Volos)


Year Village population Change Percent of the
1981 167 - -
1991 160 -7 or -4.19% -
2001 142 -18 or -11.25% 18.89%


Namata is situated in the Pineios Valley in which farmlands surround the area.


Namata was liberated by the Greeks in 1880 and joined the rest of the country in 1881 ending the Ottoman rule on much of Thessaly. The origin of the name comes from the Ancient Greek word nama (νάμα) which means clean water, the water tower of the city was built with the good source of water which had. Today, it does not function. Older, Namata was located by Lake Karla and the large fishing area which was named karlisia or karlissia (καρλίσια) and zazania (ζαζάνια). The area which was located by Lake Karla disappeared by 1955 and the geographic location is presently located by the banks of the old lake which has large quantites of salt.

The area had an English military airport which stationed and a small base which received hale to neighbouring areas.

In the heart of the village has a small square, most of its inhabitants visit the village which are filled with people. It has two churches.

Around the village inside the farmlands, it has a small stone-built bridge which has archeological artifacts that are ceramic and more.

Other information

The population are based in agriculture and produces cotton in large quantities and other including corn, wheat and other crops including tomatoes, poratoes and beans in small quantites. Parallelly with the production of many plants, one of these residents work in machinery.

The farmlands today features two large fams, one which existed for many years and is second constructed. In the spring, the lakes are still filled with water, sailing is used over the lake. During the summertime where the water is at the low level (other than the entire year), fishing is common.


Namata has two churches and a square (plateia).


This article is partly translated from an Νάματα Λάρισας at the Greek Wikipedia (Main page)

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