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Nahr Albared

Nahr al-Bared, Syria

Nahr al-Bared (قريه نهر البارد) is a village in Syria located in the Alghab region of the Hama Governorate, near Tal Salhab in the As-Suqaylabiyah District.


Although the village is considered modern, it still contains a number of ruins. The village is also situated at a big river and during the winter regularly receives snow.  


Nahr al-Bared has 3 hotels, called Saharahotel, Abo Allosh and Abo Maher. There are also 3 mosques in the village called Alshiekh abd Alhadi Haidar, Alshiekh Soliman Moaala and Ali Naser. The village also has a large restaurant which can be accessed by using a micro bus. Nahr al-Bared also contains a large petrol station.


People in Nahr al-Bared generally respect women, Muslims and Christian people.

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