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Naguabo, Puerto Rico

Naguabo, Puerto Rico

Naguabo (nah-GWAH-bo) is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the east coast of the island, north of Humacao; south of Río Grande and Ceiba; and east of Las Piedras. Naguabo is spread over 10 wards and Naguabo Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city).

Naguabo is said to be the birth place of the "pastelillo de chapín," which is a very popular food in Puerto Rico. It is trunkfish wrapped inside a flour dough that is deep fried; a very tasty food found in almost any seaside establishment on the island.


Barrios (Districts/Wards)

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  • Daguao
  • El Duque
  • Playa Húcares
  • Santiago y Lima
  • Maizales
  • Mariana
  • Peña Pobre
  • Río Blanco
  • Pueblo


It is located in the Regional area of the Southeast. The northern part is within the Luquillo Mountain Range. Within some of its hills are two of greater elevations in this mountain range, the Picos (tips) of the Este and the Oeste, respectively with 1,051 and 1,020 meters (3.448 and 3,346 feet) of altitude above sea level. The rest of the territory of this municipality is level.


Hacia el este de las Islas Antillanas,
desde el mar a la montaña fue creando,
el más bello de los pueblos de Borinquen,
al que Dios canta una nana en su regazo.
Quiso Dios bendecir a mi Naguabo con la tierra,
con los bosques, con las fuentes, y su mar,
bello espejo del oriente,
donde el cielo jugueteaba al arrebor.

Mi Naguabo del querer, Mi Naguabo del soñar
por tus calles me crié y tu plaza fue mi hogar.

Mi Naguabo del querer, Mi Naguabo del soñar
por tus calles me crié y tu plaza fue mi hogar.

Es mi orgullo, es un honor ser de Naguabo.
Es mi cuna del Terruño Borinqueño.
¡Qué feliz haber nacido en este pueblo
y que bueno es sentirse naguabeño!






Landmarks and places of interest

  • Algodones Key
  • Caribbean National Forest
  • Naguabo Beach
  • Punta Lima Beach
  • Ramón Rivero "Diplo" Monument
  • Tropical Beach
  • Yudelmi Center

Festivals and events

  • Pedro Flores Week - March
  • Chapín Festival - February
  • Diplo Festival - June
  • Virgen del Carmen Fiesta - July 16
  • Matron Celebrations - October


People have to own their own car because public transportation in Naguabo has its limitations. It operates from 6:00 am but, you must wait until seniors board the car, bus or "pisicorres" (passengers' vans). Drivers won't leave the terminal until the car is mostly full. But, thanks to the mayor, now Naguabo has a trolley which gives you a free ride around town, but you must run really fast to yell to the driver and get a chance to board it.



(1) The idea of a 3-point-line on the basketball court was first experimented by its creator, Naguabo-born (November 8, 1929) Eddie Rios Mellado, son of former Naguabo Mayor Ramon A. Rios Algarin, in 1962 at Caparra Country Club in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, where he was Sports Directors. Then, he incorporated it as a playing rule in his very own "Liga Baby Basketball" (Baby Basketball League) in 1963, created in that same Club. The league was for kids between 5 and 11 years old and not taller than 4 feet 11 inches. Players 7 and under used protective helmets. This was, in his words, the smallest basketball league in the world. It's motto was "mi labor descansa mayormente en los ninos porque en ellos esta la verdad futura". (my work rests mainly with children because the future truly rests with them). Prof. Rios-Mellado has been a coach and physical education teacher since 1947 and, at 78-years-old, still works as a coach and sports director at Colegio Espiritu Santo, Pachín Marín Street, Floral Park, Hato Rey, San Juan (Tel. 787-754-0555). The Basketball Players Association of Puerto Rico awards the "Eddie Rios Mellado Trophy" to the player who shoots the most 3-pointers in the National Superior Basketball League, Puerto Rico's "NBA". In 2005, it was granted to Larry Ayuso.

(2) Actually, Naguabo's most notable athlete is Luis Rivera one of the hopes in the gymnastic.

(3) Alberto M. Cecilio Velentín part of the baseball team Puerto Rico's Champions 15-16 years old. Naguabeños also practice another sports like Volleyball, Handball, PingPong, Tennis, Baseball and Softball.

Notable "Naguabeños"

  • Carmen Delia Dipini - Famous Singer
  • Elsa "La loca" - A women who lost her kids because of the government.
  • Fernando Gallego - Lawyer, judge and poet.
  • Filiberto Ojeda Rios, - Famous Puerto Rican fugitive who was killed by the FBI, is buried in his home town of Rio Blanco, which is a part of the Naguabo municipality.
  • Inés Mendoza- First Lady.
  • Joaquín R. Parrilla - Poet
  • Lani Rivera - Awesome singer
  • Mano de Dioh- Humble man who was victim of a Police attack.(died Feb9, 2008)
  • Matías González García - Journalist, storyteller and novelist.
  • Plácido Figueroa - Trovadore and poet.
  • Pedro Flores (1894- 1979) - Composer
  • Ramón López - Poet
  • Ramón Ortiz del Rivero, "Diplo" - Famous comedian.
  • Phillip M. Rivera - Most notable engineer.
  • Frank Beltre - Prominent Business Owner. Flower business. (8/25/2008)

Books about Naguabo

Historia de Naguabo - Carmelo Rosario Natal

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