Nagasarete Airantou

Yui Horie

is a popular Japanese singer and voice actress. Horie's real name is , and she is sometimes affectionately nicknamed by her Japanese fans. She is not to be confused with YUI, another J-Pop singer.

She hosts a radio show called and is the founding member of the singing group, Aice5. She is also a member of the band Kurobara Hozonkai, with the name YUIEL. Her blood type is B, and her hobbies include shoulder massage, reading and food.


Horie was born in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan. As a child, she was a huge fan of the anime series Dirty Pair and has later stated that the series was her first inspiration to become a voice artist.

She debuted in 1997 in a video game Voice Fantasia and for several years had minor roles in various anime. She landed her first leading role as Haruka in Kurogane Communication. The turning point in her career wasn't till the year 2000, when she won the role of Naru Narusegawa in the popular anime Love Hina. Other notable and defining career moments were taking the role of Tohru Honda in the anime Fruits Basket in 2001, and releasing her 1st music album (Mizutamari ni Utsuru Sekai) in 2000. She has since become one of the most popular anime voice actresses in Japan.

Horie formed a temporary unit called Yamato Nadeshiko with the popular seiyū Tamura Yukari in 2001. They released two singles , Mou Hitori no Watashi (もうひとりの私) and Merry Merrily - the latter of which was an insert song in the Love Hina Christmas Special.

In October, 2005 she founded Aice5, a J-Pop group consisting of 4 other seiyūs, to help launch their careers. Aice5 was officially disbanded on the September 20 2007.

She has collaborated with a few other artists, such as UNSCANDAL in 2005 and a Japanese Goth band in 2007.

She was employed by Arts Vision until mid-2007 due to a scandal within the agency's top management, at which point she left to become a freelance seiyū unaffiliated with any talent management firm.

She has published 6 independent musical albums. Nearly all of them incorporate at least one track from an anime she has worked with. She currently releases music under the Starchild label (a subdivision of King Records)

Her radio show is and can be listened to on the station (AM 1134 kHz) at 0:30am on Mondays .

Voice acting roles

Leading roles in bold.



Drama CD



  • (2000)
  • (2001)
  • (2003)
  • sky (2003)
  • (2004)
  • (2005)
  • Darling (2008)


  • Maxi Single Collection Part.6 (2000)
  • Merry Merrily (Yamato Nadeshiko) (2001)
  • Love Destiny (2001)
  • Kirari Takaramono (2002)
  • ALL MY LOVE (2002)
  • Kokoro Harete Yo mo Akete (2004 February 4)
  • Scramble (Yui Horie with UNSCANDAL) (2004 October 27)
  • Hikari (Released on 2006 May 24)
  • Days (Includes theme songs for Nagasarete Airantou) (2007 May 2)
  • (Including the new ending theme for Nagasarete Airantou) (2007 Aug 17)


  • CLIPS 1 — includes a number of live action promotional videos, including:
    • Sakura - her first promotional video, for her first album, 水たまりに映るセカイ (Mizutamari ni Utsuru Sekai)
    • Love Destiny - parts of the live action video can be seen in the Sister Princess opening animation
    • Kirari Takaramono - the song is the opening theme for Love Hina Again
    • All My Love - the song is the opening theme for Earth Defender Mao-chan
    • Kokoro Harete Yo mo Akete - the song is the ending theme for Jubei-chan 2
  • LIVE DVD 2006 -
  • LIVE DVD 2007 -

Notable songs

  • Love Destiny - Sister Princess, Opening
  • Mainichi ga O-tenki (lit. Good Weather Every Day) - Love Hina, Insert
  • Egao No Mirai E (lit. Towards A Future Of Smiles) - Love Hina
  • Kirari Takaramono (lit. Glittering Treasures) - Love Hina Again, Opening
  • Be For You, Be For Me - Love Hina Again, Ending
  • Yakusoku (lit. Promise) - Love Hina, Insert
  • Happy Happy Rice Shower - Love Hina
  • Tsubasa (lit. Wings) - Sister Princess Ending
  • Girlish - Sister Princess, Sakuya's Theme
  • Destiny - Kikaider, Ending
  • Feel my feeling - School Rumble, Eri's Theme
  • RAMUNE iro no natsu - Love Hina
  • Kokoro Harete Yo mo Akete - Jubei-chan 2
  • IN YOU - Shaman King, Image Song
  • ALL MY LOVE - Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan, Opening
  • IT's MY STYLE - Earth Defender Mao-chan, Ending
  • Soyokaze no Harmony - From D.C.- Da Capo (Kotori Shirakawa's Song)
  • Sono Saki no Justice - Shaman King, Iron Maiden Jeanne Song
  • Aosusuki - Samurai Deeper Kyo, Image Song
  • Scramble - School Rumble, Opening
  • Pacem in Terris - Shaman King, Iron Maiden Jeanne S. F. O. V Song
  • Aki Uta ~Sarara~ - Bottle Fairy, Ending (Episodes 7-9)
  • Anata ga Suki (I like You) - Ultra Maniac, Ayu Tateishi image song
  • Hikari - Inukami!, Opening
  • Days - Nagasarete Airantou first opening
  • Say Cheese! - Nagasarete Airantou first ending
  • Koisuru Tenkizu - Nagasarete Airantou 2nd ending
  • Poetry Love - Kogado game Heartful Memories


  • In episode 3 of School Rumble, when the girls are having a slumber party, her music video of scramble was starting to play in a big screen. At 15:42. When it turns to harima's story so far.

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