Founded by composer Joseph Waters in Portland, Oregon, U.S. in 1998, the New West Electro-Acoustic Music Organization (NWEAMO) produces an annual international festival of electro-acoustic music. The mission of NWEAMO is to forge connections between the composers, performers and lovers of avant garde classical music and the DJs, MCs, guitar-gods, troubadours and gourmets of experimental popular music. When there is no connection, both suffer: When classical music does not connect with popular culture, it becomes a music of experts, unable to reflect and contribute meaningfully in the broad marketplace of developing ideas and cultural experimentation. When popular music has no connection and communication with the classical it becomes naive and superficial, untethered to its historical roots and broad cultural underpinnings. A healthy cultural milieu celebrates both.

NWEAMO is an all volunteer, non-profit 501-c-3 organization dedicated to the promotion of music that involves the creative use of computers and electronics, and to building a diverse community among electro-acoustic composers throughout the world. NWEAMO supports all styles of electronic music including those utilizing synthesis programs such as Max/MSP, Super Collider, and Csound; rock and pop music; Music Concrete and sound collage; performance art and multimedia events; ambient music and sound installations; and improvised and process music.


NWEAMO concerts typically feature a broad and eclectic spectrum of electro-acoustic styles and genres, ranging from Intelligent dance music to the fringes of the abstract avant garde.

In 2002 the festival branched out, adding San Diego, California to its locations. In 2005 the festival expanded further, with an additional night added in Mexico City. New York City and Venice, Italy were added 2006. The 2007 festival included a summer component in Europe (Berlin, May 18-19; and Venice, May 25-26) in addition to the main autumn festival: San Diego (Oct 5 & 6, 2007); Boulder, Colorado (Oct. 13, 2007); Morelia, Mexico (Oct. 19, 2007) & New York City (Oct. 26 & 27, 2007).

Each year the festival supports the work of approximately 30 composers/performers.

Each year the festival focuses on a theme:

  • 2007 Synesthesia: The Mixing of Senses (San Diego, Boulder, Morelia (Mexico), New York City)
  • 2006 Pulse: The Influence of Africa (Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; New York City, NY, Venice, Italy)
  • 2005 Connection to the Ancients (Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; Mexico City)
  • 2004 Invented Instruments (In Memory of the 30th anniversary of the death of Harry Partch)(Portland, OR; San Diego,)
  • 2003 The Plastic Fantastic Interactive(Portland, OR; San Diego,)
  • 2002 To Beat Or Not To Beat, That Is The Question (Portland, OR; San Diego,)

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