NS Class 500

NS Class 600

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) Class 600 diesel locomotives were built for shunting duties. Sixty-five of the locomotives were built, numbered 601-665. They were built by English Electric between 1950-1957 at either Dick, Kerr & Co. Works (601-610) in Preston, or Vulcan Foundry Works (rest) in Newton-le-Willows. They are very similar to the British Rail Class 11. Twenty-three locomotives were later fitted with radio remote-control, and renumbered in the range 671-693.

Class 500

There was also the similar NS Class 500. The difference between the two classes is that Class 600 has a "6KT" diesel engine of 400 hp (294 kW) and Class 500 has a "6K" diesel engine of 350 hp (260 kW).

Post-NS use

This class was withdrawn by NS in the early 2000s. Many have been preserved, including several which have been repatriated to England.

Some are still in use by the private company Rotterdam Rail Feeding in Holland & MiddlePeak Railways in the UK.

Privately owned 663 was moved from the Dartmoor Railway to the NRM annex at Shildon on the 17th October 2006 to take up pilot duties.

Number(s) Location
601 671 Ribble Steam Railway, UK
604 VSM, NL
609 Museumspoorlijn STAR, NL
618 VSM, NL
625 690 Ribble Steam Railway, UK
629 - Dutch National Railway Museum, NL
636 VSM, NL
639 ZLSM, NL
649 692 Private location, UK
653 - Private location, UK
661 VSM, NL
663 - NRM Shildon - Locomotion, UK


There is a well known and accurate HO scale model offered in various liveries by Roco.

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