Nibris is a video game development company located in Krakow, Poland who has said that they will solely develop games for Nintendo systems. Although Nibris has an official website, their main form of communication is through the messageboards of several websites including Cubed³ , IGN , and GameSpot , under the username "nibris".

Nibris maintain that they have Wii and Nintendo DS development kits, and have gradually released screenshots and a gameplay trailer of the DS version of ROTR. Other games also under development include Sadness, which's first actual footage has been released 21 August 2008 after being rumored as vaporware for a long time. Before that, only artwork and a video based on the game's themes and storyline existed. Nibris previously had signed a deal with FRONTLINE Studios to co-produce Sadness. However, on 17 March, 2007, the two companies parted ways due to "artistic differences" and are now in talks with Digital Amigos to publish the game.

As of March 25, 2008, Nibris has handed over Double Bloob and ROTR (two projects originally announced for the DS and WiiWare) to a subsidiary of Nibris called 'Bloober Team' to solely focus on Sadness.

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