NC 104

North Carolina Highway 104

NC 104 is a six-mile North Carolina State Highway. It connects northwest Surry County with downtown Mt. Airy.


NC 104 ends at the VA-NC border. NC 104 used to continue on as VA 104 but is now Virginia Secondary Route 773.

There is also a historical marker to commemorate the state line.

The road slowly heads south and quickly enters the outskirts of Mt. Airy.

NC 104 is highly unmarked and six miles after it begins, NC 104 ends at NC 103 without as much as a guide sign.

Historical NC 104

  • 1928-The first N.C. 104 was today's N.C. 80 from US 70 to US 19.
  • 1930-NC 104 is extended north to today's N.C. 226.
  • 1940-Virginia decides to renumber. After VA changed State Route 200 to State Route 104 in 1933, North Carolina followed suit renaming NC 800 to NC 104. Although VA 104 was reduced to VA 773 in the 1960s, NC 104 kept.

It has not been renumbered since.

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