NBA Scout

NBA Scout

The National Basketball Association has many professionally owned franchises that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. These franchise owners hire qualified people to run the everyday business of an NBA franchise. Behind the scenes are countless people that contribute to the final product that is put on the court to entertain the fan. One of these employees are known as a NBA Scout.

A NBA Scout's main duty is to find the most talented players that might fit in best with the organization which he is hired from.
Some top NBA Scouts attend games at every level of organized basketball all around the world. The Scouts keep notes, records, and ultimately evaluate and grade each person they are scouting against a criterion of success and failures of current and past NBA players.

Scouting attire and equipment

While players are supplied shoes, shorts, and shirts that identify them as part of a professional organization, many times scouts are dressed very casually and often seem to try to blend in with the public and fans at the game. This strategy is often done so other teams do not know the players that organization may most be interested in.

In the late 1990s computers seem to have a place in almost all NBA scouts if only for organization or compiled with data to evaluate and grade each player being scouted. In many games you may see a writer or a scout up in the stands with a laptop entering vital information about the game or a particular player.

NBA Scout criteria

There are many factors which contribute to a scout's analysis of a player and many scouts see a player different from another player. This is commonly called projection. Projection makes up some of the best and worst decisions scouts and general managers make. Here are the most basic criteria which a scout must compute.

  • The position(s) the projected player might play.
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Athleticism
  • Shooting and scoring Capabilities
  • Defensive capabilities
  • Passing abilities
  • Is he coachable?
  • Character
  • Desire
  • Ballhandling
  • Conditioning
  • Age
  • What makes the player special
  • Instincts

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