Álvaro Obregón, Michoacán

Álvaro Obregón is located in the center zone of the Mexican state of Michoacán. This town limits with Guanajuato to the north, with Querendaro and Indaparapeo to the east, with Charo to the south, with Tarimbaro to the west and with Cuitzeo to the northwest.

Its territorial size is 162.64 km2 and it represents the .35% of Michoacán.


It has a total of 19,502 people. Its ethnic population is about 49 people, 31 men and 18 women and their principal languagues are Huichol and Purepecha. Its education structure is formed by preschool, high school and secondary education.


This town was founded between 1760 and 1770 by people who lived in other towns like Senguio. This town is named Alvaro Obregon in honor to the general Alvaro obregon who was a loyal portector of his country.

Natural Geography

Talking about natural geography its weather is tempered with rains in summer. It has important mountains and valleys like Cuitzeo, lomas de Purisimio, Quirio, Tzentzenguaro, and its principal river is rio Grande.


The main economic activity performed in the town is agriculture.

They mainly seed corn, wheat, alfalfa, sargo and chickpea.

Notable sites/buildings

  • Templo de San Bartolo, Templo Espiritual de las Tres Ponencias y Palacio Municipal.
  • Ex hacienda de San Bartolo.
  • Ex hacienda de Quirio.
  • Ex hacienda de Tzintzimeo.
  • Ex hacienda de Palo Blanco.

This buildings already mentioned take part of this town's historic heritage. Tourists usually go to Alvaro Obregon and visit this great notable buildings.


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