Mysteries of Eleusis

Seven Mysteries of Fudo High

This article is about the fictional urban legends in The Kindaichi Case Files episode Smoke and Mirrors.

The Seven Mysteries of Fudo High is a set of curses said to revolve around mysterious deaths and disappearances at the north campus building of Fudo High. A few of these so-called curses are similar to those urban legends told in many schools in Japan, such as the "blood in the well", and many others, with stories related to toilets most popular (e.g. Taro and Hanako, dead students whose spirits are said to haunt the school toilets).

The Seven Curses

Legend of the Evil Thirteen Steps A student was once looking for his friend in the old campus building. As he went down the stairs, he knew that they were supposed be twelve steps. As soon as he reaches the last step, he counted thirteen and found his friend dead.Abandoned Biology Lab One evening, a teacher told his female student to change a light bulb at night using a candle as the only source of light. She lost her balance and hanged herself with a part of her uniform. When the professor came to check on her, he only found hanging body illuminated by the candlelight. Unexplanable events happened some time later. When the Biology Lab lost power, a professor that was grading papers lit a candle and saw the same hanging body from before. As soon as the power was back on, the body disappeared.The Boy and the Severed Hand In the old printing room, a student accidentally cut off his hand with the paper-cutting machine. He was rushed to the hospital but died at arrival. The school and the police tried to find the severed hand but could never find it. Ever since, it is said that people can hear the sound of a boy crying in pain and see the severed hand crawling around.The Ginkgo Tree There was once a student who was being bullied and ended up hanging himself at a Ginkgo with a manji engraved on its bark. It is said once in a while the hanging body reappears and disappears at night.Goddess of Wisdom A student was crushed by a tumbled goddess statue. Every now and then, the crushed body is said to reappear at night covered in blood.Blood-stained Well A student fell deep inside a well and it became filled with blood.Bloody Reflection There was once a music student who accidentally fell into a glass door in the instrument storage room and died immediately. After that, it is said a reflection of a bloody body is shown on the glass door.

The Truth of the Seven Mysteries

In reality, these are fabrications created by a teacher in the school, who used to be a scientist for a drug company. Once, the company acquired six volunteers/test subjects, but their experiment failed, resulting in their death. Panicked, the researchers decided to hide their bodies, but the research building was converted to the school grounds of Fudo High. So, they embedded the bodies in numerous places around the school buildings, and spread horror stories about the locations of the bodies, hoping it would be enough to drive the students and teachers away. A member was sent to the school as a teacher to make sure that the bodies aren't found. The last legend was created ten years before this story, when a girl who knew too much was killed by the teacher. Just as before, her body was embedded into a wall in the music room, and a legend was placed upon the location.

The Seven mysteries were revived when the school wanted to tear down the old building, and fearing exposure of the bodies, the teacher sent a threatening letter to the principle under the guise of "Afterschool Magician." Unfortunately, the Mystery Club, led by Ruiko Sakuragi, decided to investigate the seven mysteries. One night, Ruiko was stayed late at school trying to find more on the seven mysteries. However, an earthquake resolves and the corpse of the missing girl from ten years ago came out from the walls. The teacher, who watches the Mystery Club, saw it and murdered Ruiko. The teacher placed the corpse back again inside the walls but couldn't hide the large hole exposing the corpse. So he placed a poster over it to cover it. Another Mystery Club member, who intended to take the poster off, was also killed by the teacher.

Kindaichi discovered this when he found out originally there were only six legends. The murders are meant to be located in the locations according to the urban legends. But the murderer cannot place his victims exactly where the legend states, as he feared that the cops who investigate the locations might discover the corpses.

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