My Name Is Samantha Jade

My Name Is Samantha Jade

My Name Is Samantha Jade is the upcoming debut album by Australian Singer Songwriter Samantha Jade. It is expected to be released February 22, 2009 but this has yet to be confirmed by Jive or Samantha.


Recording began in 2005. The album was expected to be released in September 2007 but was never released. Samantha has worked with many talented and known producers including Timbaland and Scott Storch. In 2006 Samantha released her debut single which got her under the radar the title track of the successful 2006 dance film Step Up which launched Samantha but wasn't successful in the charts. Her long awaited second single, "Turn Around", with a more R&B/Pop ballad like sound also did not do well in the charts although did with critics and fans. A third single has yet to be confirmed or released. Samantha revealed through many interviews that the album would indeed be Urban Pop. "It is a lot of nice, mid-tempo songs because I really like to focus on being a vocally capable artist", Samantha told The Daily Telograph back in 2007. To promote the album Samantha has begun early promotion featuring Performances and Interviews which can be found on her YouTube profiles. R&B Producers Soulshock & Karlin has confirmed that they are currently producing tracks for her album.


  • Step Up (2006)
  • Turn Around (2007)

Confirmed tracks

  • "Step Up"
  • "Chemistry"
  • "Turn Around"
  • "If I Left Him"
  • "Eyes On Me"
  • "Boyfriend"
  • "Can't Let You Go"
  • "Workin' Overtime"
  • "Love Never Lies"
  • "Girl Thing"
  • "Breath"
  • "Turn It Up"
  • "Have A Good Time"
  • "Attached"
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