Mutilation Mix

Mutilation Mix

The album Mutilation Mix, was a compilation released by American hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse. The album consists of excerpts of the original songs, as well as some rare, less-known tracks. Dispersed throughout the music are several recordings of phone messages. The songs were hand picked by Insane Clown Posse themselves.

Track listing

  1. Request #1 (Nate the Mack)
  2. Cemetery Girl
  3. Hey Vato
  4. Wagon Wagon
  5. Request #2 (Esham)
  6. Psychopathic
  7. Southwest Strangla (2 Dope solo)
  8. Never Had It Made
  9. Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)
  10. I Stuck Her With My Wang
  11. The Loons
  12. Red Neck Hoe
  13. Request #3 (Charm Farm)
  14. I'm Coming Home
  15. Superballs
  16. The Stalker
  17. Wizard of The Hood
  18. Skitsofrantic
  19. 3 Rings
  20. Request #4 (Harm's Way)
  21. Murder Go Round
  22. Request #5 (Daddy X of the Humble Gods)
  23. Southwest Song
  24. Fuck Off!
  25. Dead Body Man
  26. Cotton Candy
  27. 17 Dead
  28. Request #6 [(Snoop Dogg)]
  29. The Neden Game (Different Lyrics To 'The Great Milenko' Version)
  30. House of Wonders + Mike Clark Bitchin'


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