Mutant X (television)

Elemental (Mutant X)

In the television show Mutant X Genomex created four classes of new mutants: elemental, feral, molecular and psionic. Elemental Mutants can either project or channel energy such as electricity.


(listed in order from the most common)

Electricals: Electricals have the ability to absorb electrical energy. They also project it from parts of their bodies [mainly the hands]. Electricals can absorb too much energy and cause themselves to explode.

  • Examples: Brennan Mulwray (electrical projection), Ashley Elliot (electrical absorption), Barry "Kilohertz" Sterling (cyberkinesis/energy form), Candace Rockwell (electrical projection), Patricia (electrical projection),Matty Conlan (electromagnetic projection)

Thermals: Thermals have the ability to channel heat or cold through their bodies. Thermal Transfers can also project that energy.

  • Examples: Joshua Valentine (thermal projection), Billy Larkin (fire creation), Nick Maddox ("hot knives"), Pamela Fries (body temperature control), Kelly Rice (fire projection), Josh (fire creation), Alice Robins (body temperature control)

Sonics: Sonics have sound-related abilities, including creating intense, and even concussive sound waves, Dispersing sound waves, Dispelling sound, and absorbing and sending sound over vast distances.

  • Example: Calvin Porter (superhuman hearing)

Chemicals: Chemicals have the ability to project chemical substances [acid, etc] from their bodies, create poisons, disperse various chemicals, or even survive indefinitely in toxic environments.

  • Example: Oblivion (oxygen molecule manipulation)

Botanicals: Botanicals can control and manipulate plants and other organic substances, with results ranging from giving life, growth, or death.

  • Example: Skeet Vosberg (plant defoliation)

Geologicals: Geologicals channel various earth-related substances.

  • Examples: Rick Bellamy (tornado creation), Eli Lynch (air absorption)

Other Elementals

Mutants are portrayed with abilities that control the elements across various media, like Marvel Comics' Weather Witch Storm of the X-Men, Thor of the Avengers who controls lightning, and Magneto.

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